A Scented-Womb

A newborn comes out of the womb, ironically detaching yet attaching himself to the heart that gives him sight to a new world. He clamps onto his mother’s chest, and the tiny nostrils instantly find succor and comfort in the siesta that forms the chemical bond of Oxytocin.


This olfactive experience epitomizes the biological and genetic connection of scents.


What’s the first scent they smell?

The third trimester commences receptors that help smell, allowing babies to take a whiff of the denuded Amniotic fluid scent. The scent comprises of the mother’s natural diet, but also foreshadows the milk that later feeds the tiny tummies.


Closeness that releases oxytocin

The scent of a mother is one of the most important sources of happy hormones in an infant. The sensorial stimulation that comes from this intimacy strengthens the kinship between the two leading to the release of Oxytocin.


Soak in natural scents

It is important that during pregnancy, the mother soaks in her body’s natural odor, allowing the baby to identify her through her scent even after birth and also to remain shielded against nauseating and harsh fragrances.


They seek comfort in your pheromones and sweaty pajamas.

As the journey of scent deepens, strong sense of smell stays even after birth seeking comfort in the mother’s sweaty pajamas. From identifying danger to identifying their favorite food, scent is integral for all sorts of activities.


Is aromatherapy useful during pregnancy?

In fact, a lot of research studies devote plausibility to aromatherapy being a great way to destress the baby as well as the mother. Calming and soothing scents such as that of roses,lavender and the like that are light and liberating instead of overpowering are actually useful. Our Oud Obsédé and Oud Roseaté are two lavender and rosy scents that might tickle your endorphins into a calming space.


And just like he nose your smell, the experience is the most beautiful memory for you..

Words might not befit the feeling of giving life to kin, but what fits and remains forever in the subconscious is the commemorative scent of a new birth. The scent that we are all grateful for, and the scent that drives love and reverence.


And here’s wishing all the scented wombs a very Happy Mother’s Day. May your aromatic scents and strengths see infinity.

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