Sustainably-Steezy Jars

Sustainably-Steezy Jars
Happy Earth Day Everyone! In lieu of this beautiful occasion, Olfa Originals would love to voice solidarity with each person doing their bit for environmental protection. This sustainability edit is dedicated to producing ideas on how to reuse and upcycle our candle jars and our Eau de Parfum glass bottles to grow and responsibly exist in the world.
Munching Jars
Our decadent candle jars are a perfect size to serve munchy canapés to your fun soiree.
From dates, teas to a healthy dips, these glass jars are a chic addition to kitchen counters and a modern home décor setting. Just like a capsule wardrobe, create a capsule kitchen space with Olfa Originals’ jars and a kinder world that consumes.
For every time someone says sustainability, you take a shot!
Our shot glass candles are perfect for your in-house bars. As COVID prolongs and restricted outdoors go on, our houses will be the next bar hopping spots. And for our “4 more shots please” moment, our short glass candles can be reused to keep the party going.
For writers and poets, and sketch artists, or simply stationary hoarders, thou shall store aught.
Search all you want, but a minimalist glass jar just lifts up the space, and if you could store color coordinated pencils, and stationary what’s more visually enchanting than that? According to several research studies, a cluttered space can reduce our focus span and inhibit higher productivity, which makes it all the more important to have an organized work/study space.
Bring in the positive qi, with mini planters. 
House plants add a vibrant statement to your home décor. Add fairy lights on your terrace with some Olfa Originals’ bottle planters, and you can carve out an idyllic date night setting for an intimate wine at twilight.   
As the world progresses to a digital metaverse, and covid turns our homes into bustling offices erupting chaos some peace lilies and ferns definitely sound soothing enough to cease motion for a Zen mode.
Stow the glam and glit
We all love makeup, and when you finally lay down and scroll through celebrity makeup looks, in that moment, there is serendipity. After obsessing over these makeup routines, when you’ve binge shopped your favorite makeup brands, you realize you need a brush for each product. Foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush, highlight brush, bronzer brush, lip brush, eyeliner brush…. and a million other brushes need to be organized for you to complete your stunner look. You store all these, in our extremely protean and sustainable candle jars. Daub glitter on these, and your in-house glam maquillage studio is set!  
Pandora’s bijouterie punnet
Olfa Originals’ pledges to scale down wastage not only in the production of its fragrances but also in crafting our packaging to have a holistic and sustainable approach. We stand for providing premium quality products and so our velvet hat boxes have a satin lining to protect your precious collection of bijouterie. Great for upcycling, this punnet can store a multitude of trinkets.
We love it when we use these these sustainably offbeat ideas that promote well-being. When sustainable practices are deeply rooted in a home, generations cull values and gain a perspective about economizing resources. We are at the helm of shaping the future together by enforcing cogitation about the concepts of sustainability. This blog is dedicated to taking those nanoscopic steps and actually creating a home that sets store by inculcating practices of reducing deterioration, reusing items such as our glass jars and bottles, and recycling to replenish.

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