What is Eau De Parfum?

An Eau De Parfum is an amalgamation of aromatic solvents and organic oils such as attars with water and alcohol. 


What is attar?

Attar is a perfume oil extracted using hydro-distillation without the presence of alcohol. 

Our Oud-based attars eliminate all toxicity and are deemed 100% organic.  


Key Differences

  1.       Origin and Essence


The Attar came into existence more than 4,000 years ago and are are concentrated oils derived from organic ingredients. These oils are derived from organic ingredients inculcated in the process of hydro-distillation, using wooden vessels to laminate its true essence. 

Modern perfumery on the other hand, began much later in the 19th century with artisanal crafting of concentrated sprays that were enhanced with alcohol as well as other compounds in Eau De Parfum. 

At Olfa Originals, Eau De Parfums are produced using grain-based alcohol which is absolutely skin-friendly and herbaceous composed using artisanal ayurvedic techniques. 


  1. Cost-effective 

Since attars are pure oils derived from some of the most recherché ingredients these are viewed as some of most luxurious fragrances to use. However, applying it along with an Eau De Parfum brings out the most cost-effective projection.

  1. Ingredients


While Attars are derived using natural ingredients, an Eau De Parfum is prepared with an alchemy of progressive ingredients.  


  1. A Chapter of Ungendered History 

Attars and their deep-rooted ungendered history is also what makes them stand apart. Possessing these is possessing a piece of historic fragrances running through the alleys of Deewan-e-aam applied across religions and genders. Yes! be it the begums or the kings, or the rani or the raja, it was spritzed for tranquility by all. 

The pages of Quran are scented mentioning Attars in religious rituals as well as for appreciating the beauty of appearance via sensory experiences.


  1. Long lasting


What makes an Eau De Parfum last longer is the use of alcohol that adds more time and sustenance to it.  

However, what would make an Eau De Parfum last even longer, is by layering it over attar oils on pulse points. The combination of both Attar in a particular fragrance such as our popular Oud Roséate Attar, over Oud Roséate Eau De Parfum have a much potent and prolonged effect. 


Eau De Parfum: 14 Hours 

Attars: 18 Hours 

Eau De Parfum + Attar: 24 Hours  


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