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  • 50 gms - Bakhoor
  • Bakhoor Burner
  • Tongs
  • CoalĀ 
  • Matchbox
  • Instructions scroll


What is Bakhoor?

Wood chips soaked in Oud oil and adorned with gold flakes. Bakhoor burns to spread the lingering fragrance of Oud. Experience this auspicious journey of energy healing by rituals igniting a serene sanctum.Ā 

How to use:

1. First, place the coal in the tray inside and light the coal with a match.Ā 

2. Using tongs, take two chips of Bakhoor and carefully place them on top of the coal.

3. Cover with the Jaali lid to gauge the strength of the fragrance.Ā 

Caution: The burner heats due to coal. Do not touch it before it cools down.

Smoky Incense, Rose
Patchouli, Saffron

Musk & Oud


Ā Introducing Oud Bakhoor, an enchanting blend that transports you to the bustling alleys and vibrant markets of a Moroccan souk.

As you ignite Oud Bakhoor, a symphony of exotic fragrances fills the air, evoking the spirited atmosphere of a bustling marketplace. Close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by colorful tapestries, ornate ceramics, and the melodic sounds of merchants haggling.

Indulge in the captivating aromas that swirl around you. The air is infused with the warm and spicy embrace of cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, reminiscent of the aromatic spices that line the spice stalls, creating an alluring and invigorating aura.

As the journey unfolds, a hint of smokey oud emerges, infusing the blend with a sense of mystique and sophistication. The woody nuances of sandalwood and patchouli create a rich and velvety base, grounding the fragrance with depth and allure.




    Not sure, which scent is right for you? Weā€™ve got you covered! Give us a call on the Whatsapp number mentioned on the website, and someone from our team will be happy to assist you on the quest to finding the right scent for you. If you are feeling creative, then you can also try layering our scents. Find new combinations for every mood by layering our scents. Spritz two or more scents to find your unique signature scent.

    We can't ship a single sample, but you can try our discovery boxes that contain some of our best-selling fragrances. For every purchase of a discovery kit, a code of Rs. 1000/- will then be sent to you, redeemable on your next purchase.

    Olfa Originals is the first fine fragrance brand to have a no-questions-asked 7 days return policy for free replacement or 100% refund. You can now carry your personality through a sparkling and lingering scent trail without the risk of making a wrong decision. Buy it, try it, and keep it only if you love it.

    Oud emanates a warm and sultry fragrance that is gender-neutral. Though if you looking for something specific, you can incline towards either the sweeter variety or towards something that is deeper, musky or combined with amber.

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