Best Perfumes to Wear at Work

A day at work without your sensory favorite makes it long and unproductive. Scent is such an important part of self, defining the state of mind because of its impact on our emotions. Moreover, spritzing yourself with a balanced fragrance is mood lifting and to recover from the Monday blues, we need exactly that. 

So to help our clan, choose a fragrance that works best, Olfa Originals’ whimsical bottles encase 7 perfumes perfect for a workplace to help you exude the right kind of attitude.  


Cause You're Bold and Beautiful 

If bold, animalistic, and fierce defines you, our Oud Féroce is the blend for you. The French oriental fragrance with Olfa Original’s pure Oud is a perfect fit for a personality bold enough to pick up challenges at a workplace. Féroce is spicy heartened with vanilla and a spritz on the pulse and décolletage makes this warm tone long-lasting. 


A Refreshing Chaos

Our newest launch Calming Chaos, also the most loved and bought currently, is the definition of refreshing. Sitting at a perfect price point for an everyday use, dominated by cannabis and grapefruit, this scent will provide you the energy to get through a long day at work.  


The Eternal Scent of a Spotless Floral Eau De Parfum

Oud Roséate is as sweet as this movie. The floral notes of rose and saffron transport you and your laptop to a peaceful field of red roses, producing a light scent that does not overpower your ability to focus and produce more. 

It's a Musk Buy!

Oud and Musk, cost efficient, and Oh Deer! These are the 3 words you would want to hear for a perfect workplace fragrance. The artisanal affair of jasmine and saffron elicit an energetic response to every query or case you would be asked to work on. 


Spray the Mundane Away!

It's a day at work when the stem-winding meetings are over, and a document of never-ending list of mundane tasks to be completed is placed on your desk. That's when you need the smoky scent of Oud Noir. The exotic Geranium and Ylang Ylang help keep the feeling of mundane away, and work just fine for an after-work evening dinner with colleagues.


A Calorie Free Sweet Delight 

If you munch sweet delicacies when files of work are scattered all across the table, Oud Obsédé is definitely you. Notes of tonka beans and cinnamon wrapped in lavender give you the rush you need to get started on a busy morning at work. 

Enter the Boardroom with Confidence

When you’re wearing the richness of the most opulent woods with the depth of Oud, you radiate nothing but confidence. A supreme quality homegrown product such as Oud D’or, handcrafted with age-old artisanal techniques adds a sense of pride when you walk into an intimidating room of professionals. 

Olfa Originals