Enter New Year, in a New Scent!

Last Day of the year 2022. Let’s have you drive through a memory lane elevated with Olfa Originals fragrances.

If you ordered Sushi from Japan (or at least hope to)

Inspired by Japanese gardens. A floral edge loved by the queens and the Duchess. Comprising Cherry Blossom is our most loved Verve haven, tucked away in elderflower and earthy patchouli. So, amidst the impeccable Sakura trees giving us major gram FOMO, and the hope for a beautiful 2023, we hope you go places you never thought you would. 

For the Host

You have taken this onus to heighten the standards of a celebratory eve this year. How can you smell anything less than extremely regal and wise? Well, we have just the perfect fragrant geranium and Palmarosa in Oud D'or, waiting for you to make those jaws drop with your courtesy and scent. 

For Hopeless Romantics, who are Manifesting Love in 2023

Oud Roséate is just the saffron and rose you need to kiss under the mistletoe. Who knows what the year ahead holds, and what if it holds a new momentary romantic equation permanently taking out the single check box from your life?

All-night dance party 

If you want to be crowned as the person who everyone wants to get close to because of the zest you bring in with your perfume, Calming Chaos is your chariot. A vision in bottle green, the scent blended from Cannabis and Grapefruit allows you to sweat it and dance the night away. 

An evening with a special someone

All noir and bubbly glasses under the silver, shining from the moon, and *clink*. You want to ensure that after you've dived into chicken chalupa tacos, when you come closer your partner only remembers your soul full of love and scent full of musk and leather. Oud Noir makes sure you leave the ultimate impression. 

Olfa Originals