Blooming Woman

As lone tigresses sometimes, amidst a deluge of distracting voices that criticize and express profound disappointment even today on the birth of a girl child, we need some time to center our minds.

With the focal date of a woman’s continued struggle for equality, today we open the door to a four-thousand-year-old ritual so you can create your sanctuary away from the noise. 

Ritual: The Heart Of the Rose. 

All that is required to perform this exercise is a blooming rose and a silent retreat. Natural surroundings are usually preferred, but you can also take this up in a quiet room. “Start to stare at the center of the rose, its heart.”

“You will meet thorns along the way, but if you have faith and believe in your dreams, you will eventually move beyond the thorns into the glory of the flower.”

Stare at the rose. “Notice its color, texture, and design. Savor its fragrance” and ponder about its beauty. At first, a loop of self-deprecating thoughts injected with fear and anxiety, come up to distract you from the heart of the rose. “This is the mark of an untrained mind.” But you need not break out in cold sweat, as the process will soon get studded with glittering improvement. Keep jockeying for your attention to the heart of the carmine rose. 

Followed by parroting this exercise, is a mind deckled in peace and discipline, strong enough to not be marred. 

Engross yourself in the sensorial experience for zen, and comment below to let us know, as we hustle in the hope for some bright spots. 

Olfa Originals