A new era of fragrances is here. It's guided by progressive ideologies that wreak havoc on archaic gender norms, it is driven by voices that yelp inclusion, and it's simply set to break the binary. This is not a trend, it is instead a movement to validate that feelings can be associated with any ingredient, and anyone who feels at ease with carrying it, can carry it. 

Why are gender-neutral fragrances better?

The roster of fragrances at Olfa Originals is crafted steeped in emotions that anyone would escape to after applying them regardless of where they lie on the gender spectrum. These heady scents layer balance and olfactory art instead of an “extreme note” assumed to associate with a particular gender. 

Since when did fragrances conform to genders? 

As Chanel rightfully said, “beauty is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of style.”

Anyone should be able to wear a scent without any fear. Artful attars were produced without skewing them towards a particular note so that these beauty tools can be accessed by anyone. 

Hence we constantly strive to de-gender fragrances, handcrafting unisex concoctions that hopefully resonate with those who have long conformed and do not wish to anymore. 

How gender-neutrality is rooted in the heritage of Olfa Originals?

Our heritage that discovered perfumery in 1805 still reigns supreme in all our potions. It is no trend for Olfa Originals to exploit. It was part of our core value system from the very beginning. If our scents survived the devastation of the 1947 partition, they surely are prepared to transcend conformity and societal norms. 

Why Olfa Originals’ fragrances are not unisex performative activism and rather an initiative to break gender-based barriers?

There is a reason why our heritage encapsulates all fragrances as neutral, instead of offering a specific collection only for performative activism. We proudly laud voices that stand up for not associating scent notes to his or hers but rather to “if you love wearing it, you wear it.”


What makes Olfa Originals scents fluid?

It is bizarre to code an olfactory sense and hence we ensure that our head and hearts support a fluid body that is not masquerading as someone it's not. 

From our Oud to Verve, our collections are emotions blended in the art of perfumery. 

As you spritz our Oud Roséate you are instantly taken to the tulip fields in Kashmir, with vivid flashes of images of your peaceful time there. And with a breath, our Oh Deer! Oud and Musk, reminds one, to embrace the hot mess they are, evoking confidence to break stereotypes. 

The chemistry behind our parfums does not distinguish between genders or sex, instead are symbolic of self-expression. An ideal Olfa Originals wearer will let the scent blend on their skin allowing them to express mood, take respite, and lam out to relive a memory. 

For the kings, queens, and quings alike, we stand for restoring the historic love for ingredients.

Olfa Originals