Spoil Your Mums Rotten: Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, simp hard and surprise your matriarch with a scented token of love. Browse through the list below, for the best perfumes to gift your forever muse. 

Pocket-size happiness

The Blush is a’tiny luxury.’  For a handy mother, that loves to travel and leave a fragrant silage. The attar is available in Olfa Originals 5 signature fragrances, poured in a gold-tinted heritage bottle.

The perfect gift, when you don’t know what to gift

You cannot go wrong with a perfect set of modern perfumes, for the progressive mothers that savour wine, and cheese, (and acted the coolest when you sneaked Vodka as a child). The Verve Gift Set for all the cool mamas.

For the therapist

Mothers are the closest to the Wonder Woman you can get. Guide, inspiration de la mode, and most importantly therapists during a heartbreak or failure. And as you rest your head in her lap, let her room calm you just like her energy. Gift your mom, the perfect scented candles. 

For a well-stocked fragrant cabinet

Muse La Parfum is one of the most prestigious crystals, stashed in a luxurious leather box. The different scents emit Oud as the base, with various non-toxic and pure natural oils combined to orchestrate magnificence.

Olfa Originals