Emily in (Olfa Originals) Paris

If Emily in Paris, was shot in the Olfa Originals’ universe, we took the liberty of suiting them with some of our top fragrances. Immerse yourself, and sense. “Ta Dum” (screen shows Olflix)



Cooper is the quintessential friend and confidante, the ESFJ personality type and protagonist. She is our dream, a frivolous escape to Paris. Subtle and sparkling, confused and confident, with coins when it comes to fashion pieces. For the sweet girl next door, and the show's star, Emily is our top-selling and most loved Oud féroce, not scared to speak her mind, yet sweet at heart. She has a zesty fashion sense just like the Brazillian Rosewood, layered underneath a little too precious wardrobe, just like the Tobacco.


Ghaabri-elle, is a romantic le chef sous. Soft as the rose, and passionate like the leather. Someone so unabashed about his Normandy roots, (just like we are about our heritage). Someone we would categorize as an ambitious and compassionate Michelin star. He is our ruh-e-gulaab, our love struck, a head-v-heart Oud Roséate.


Spicy and elegant, boss lady, she is as French, but as loyal, almost a savory ‘noir’ (night) but with a silver line from the moonlight. She is our Oud Noir, a sexy medieval city of Bruges, at the bazaar of which, there is haze as the Oud, Musk, and Leather mingle.


Rich in style and noble. Camille has a large heart, that forgives and loves. She is sweet and rosy when a friend, and as woody when someone pretends. A pure gold, as artsy as our Oud D’or. Her fashion game is as soothing as rosewood both fruity, floral, and French.

Olfa Originals