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Oud Parfum Travel Capsules I 50 x 1ml

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Rs. 3,850.00

100% Pure oud oil in a convenient travel-sized capsule.

A flourish of tonka beans in lavender scented woods. Hooked? You will be. The resinous fragrance produced from one of the most expensive ingredients in the world called Oud, combined with the smokiness of amber and tobacco, the sweetness of Cinnamon, and the spiciness of Black Pepper coalesce to deepen the scent for a long-lasting effect. A fragrance that hums on the skin.

50 capsules in a leather pouch

Longevity: 14 hours

How to use:

Step 1: Pinch the top

Step 2: Pull it

Step 3: Snap top open

Pour it on your wrists, and dab to sense the aromatic Oud. 

Spicy Black Pepper

Amber, Cinnamon,
Lavender, Tonka Beans
Oud, Myrrh,
Labdanum, Tobacco,
Precious Musk


Not sure, which scent is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Give us a call on the Whatsapp number mentioned on the website, and someone from our team will be happy to assist you on the quest to finding the right scent for you. If you are feeling creative, then you can also try layering our scents. Find new combinations for every mood by layering our scents. Spritz two or more scents to find your unique signature scent.

Olfa Originals is the first fine fragrance brand to have a no-questions-asked 7 days return policy for free replacement or 100% refund. You can now carry your personality through a sparkling and lingering scent trail without the risk of making a wrong decision. Buy it, try it, and keep it only if you love it. *Returns are not applicable for pheromones.

Oud emanates a warm and sultry fragrance that is gender-neutral. Though if you looking for something specific, you can incline towards either the sweeter variety or towards something that is deeper, musky or combined with amber.

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