Scented Candle Care

Scented Candle Care 

Candles are majestic halos of light filling the void in an incomplete home décor, that create a heavenly bliss with their tantalizing fragrance. And as the fragrance amplifies in the longitudinal extend of your abode it adds a human trait of a peculiar scent, something that we earthlings consider a souvenir of our memories.  

So, when you ensure a pristine home radiating positivity and a scent you and yours resonate with, you also need to ensure that the essential source of that fragrance is equally well taken care of. 

Here are some tips to take care of scented candles for our Olfa Originals clan.

Step : The Wick Trick

Trimming the wick is important to avoid a high flame and disseminate the maximum amount of fragrance. 

Approximately ¼” of length should be trimmed every 4 hours of candle burning. 

Step: The First Light  

Ensuring the first light is spread across the entire surface allows the wax to burn evenly so as to avoid the wick getting overpowered by the amount of wax also known as mushrooming. 

It’s the monstrosity of Mushrooming that makes the fragrance pungent and leaves that dark patch on the wax around the wick. 

Step: Avoid a tunnel down your candle   

Ensure the wick is in the center to avoid tunneling. After the first light, verify the candle is not just burning from the center creating a tunnel. 

Step: Let it cool down

Ensure that your candle has completely cooled down before proceeding to shift it. This will evade the liquid wax to sediment unevenly. 

Step: Don’t blow with the flow. 

Drenching the wick in wax and not blowing with the flow is better to refrain the hot wax from splashing all over. 

Plus, engaging wind with the burning flame again makes the wax uneven.  

Step: Cleaning our scented happiness containers 

Ensure cleaning dust off the jars from a nylon or a silk cloth and keep the dirt and debris off the wax as that only augments the flame. 

Step: Upcycling towards sustainability 

When approximately 10mm of the wax is left, freeze wax to take it out and upcycle to avoid causing the soot to reach the glass jar. 

One of the major reasons why Olfa Originals scended jar candles are a great deal is because of our well emulsified blends of wax and fragrances avoiding an overload of either. The precision helps avoid the soot as well as a large flame both plausible causes of a candle fire. 

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