Luxury OUD Perfumes for Men and Women - The Oud Edition

The ancient but never-forgotten art of creating fragrances plays a significant role in the way Olfa Originals prepares its inimitable perfumed potions. Why so? Because, we believe that the charming yet timeless aromas of the world’s finest fragrances still belong in every home.

The quintessential ingredient in this range is oud, a precious, dark and fragrant resin derived from the infected part of the Aquilaria tree wood. The potions in this exquisite range of perfumes consist essentially of oud(one of the most expensive perfume ingredients of the world) and an array of handpicked ingredients like White Jasmine, Saffron, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Smoky Leather and the like. These exquisite essentials are whisked together to create an exemplary edition of blends.

While we may have an eclectic variety in the scents we have to offer, Olfa Originals cherishes the fine art of perfumery in each and every one of the blends. So, as these scent notes shift, flow subtly and gently unfold on the skin, royalty becomes you.

Certainly, a fitting way to honour a heritage as timeless as this.