Tale of Four Cities

A fragrance can take you places : We show you the stunning places our signature scents transport us to and remind us of. 

OUD NOIR \\ Bruges

Intoxicate yourself in the romantic luxury of Rose infused OUD NOIR. With a hint of seduction, much like the medieval city of Bruges draped in its luxurious laces, the romantic boat escapades, chilled handcrafted beer, and chocolates; let the divine fragrance take over.


OUD DO’R \\ Prague

A faraway yet nostalgic memory of visiting the Prague’s cubist architecture, picturesque river view rooms, sitting in its traditional cafes, and basking the sun in its treasured gardens and park, all reminisces with a touch of OUD DO’R-  a blend of soft Geranium and spicy saffron that will leave you longing. 


OUD ROSÉATE \\ Amsterdam 

OUD ROSÉATE is deeply enveloped in the aura of Amsterdam’s famous tulip fields, its many art galleries, having Instagram worthy fries by the buy streets, hundreds of vibrant canal house, and biking across the city. It is only evident that the long lasting scent of rose and jasmine will unleash the free bird in you.


OUD OBSÉDÉ \\ Lisbon

Bold woody essence mixed with cinnamon and lavender, this heavenly scent of OUD OBSÉDÉ will transport you back to the custard tarts by the street cafes of Lisbon, its cherry liquer served in dark chocolate cups, cobbled streets and tiles inspired by the Arabs, and the wild night life. It is not just a fragrance, it’s an experience.